At the forefront of all of our activities, safety is of paramount importance to Sinbad Navigation. We provide a safe and secure environment for all personnel on-board or using our services. This is captured within our safety management system and verified by our low rate of Total Recordable Incident Rate.  Details of our management system including statistics are available upon request.

Operational infrastructure

With our detailed understanding of our client’s requirements and the maritime industry, we have purposely designed our offering to support both ship to ship transfers, as well as ship to shore and vice versa. All of our platforms are supported by supply boats giving Sinbad Navigation full autonomy over our supply chain which intern further heightens the level of support we can offer our clients.

These supply boats are part of the Sinbad Fleet and at our full disposal to meet the needs of our clients.


Of critical importance to both us as service provider and our clients which we support, contingency planning is undertaken and reviewed on a regular basis. Form a physical deliver perspective, all of our platforms operate with bespoke military grade RHIB’s, and these RHIB’s are further augmented by the Puma and Zodiac RHIBS that are on each platform as contingency.

Our contingency planning and full autonomy over our supply chain are contributing factors to the level of comfort and assurance we provide our clients daily.

Commercial confidentiality and data protection

Working as closely as we do with industry leading PMSC’s we understand that commercial confidentiality and data protection are two key subjects for security companies when vetting suppliers. Our market leadership is founded on the confidence between ourselves and the organisations that we provide logistical support to; this principle is underpinned by legal non- disclosure agreements and strict data protection clauses.


  • Meet & greet, transport and accommodation;
  • Visas, immigration and customs clearance;
  • Spacious, clean and on board accommodation with en suite washrooms;
  • Safe & reliable transfer of security teams and equipment (ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship);
  • Storage of security equipment and firearms.

Other Services offered

  • Alcohol and Drug Test on-board


  • Luxurious catering and spacious mess facilities;
  • Very well equipped Gymnasium;
  • High speed wifi in all communal areas;
  • Large flat screen TV’s in communal areas;
  • TV’s in every room, streaming 999 channels in a selection of languages;
  • Fully equipped Cinema;
  • Library.


We do not store any of our clients equipment is shipping containers. All of our armouries are bespoke, built to our specification within the stricture of the vessel during the dry-docking of our vessels. Our facilities have been designed and built in line with the guidance given by the British Government in ‘Firearms Security Handbook 2005’.

Issue, receipt, control and record keeping of all equipment is managed under the strictest procedures.


Finally but most importantly, at Sinbad Navigation we have develop long term relationships with our clients through a honest and open approach, openly welcoming the audit and due diligence process.

 All supporting documents and pricing is available on request.