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Industry Leading Maritime & Logistics Solutions

SINBAD NAVIGATION is an industry-leading maritime and logistical solutions service provider with over a decade of wide-ranging experience supporting, partnering with, and catering to the needs of international security companies in their fight against modern-day piracy across the globe.

Delivering innovation

Sinbad Navigation takes pride in the full ownership and efficient management of all its vessels, ensuring our clients enjoy peace of mind through the hundreds of operations we run monthly.

The organisation’s robust health coupled with our high operational standards and adminstational support has allowed us to develop the business into what it is today.

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Offshore Fleet Services

Sinbad Navigation owns and manages a fleet of eleven vessels that are strategically located in the Gulf of Oman, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and North Arabian Sea.


Maritime & Logistical Solutions Service

We provide Maritime support customized according to your needs,  and a highly-trained crew ensure your safety while offshore.

Our top-of-the-line platforms in the Gulf of Oman Red Sea and Arabian Sea offer suitable accommodation for security teams where they can store their kits while waiting for their next mission. Aside from comfortable quarters, our clients enjoy well-prepared meals, access to the internet, entertainment, and gym equipment.

We offer a smooth transfer of personnel from the shore to our ships in the Gulf of Oman and the Red Sea, and vice versa. We have regular shuttle transfers—twice a week in the Gulf of Oman, and every other week in the Red Sea—allowing private maritime security companies to plan their deployments with a stable schedule. Ship-to-ship transfers are conducted via S200-class boats and rigid-hulled inflatable boats.

We have a well-trained and highly-competent onshore Operations Team available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, working to assist our clients and ships. They are always on standby, ready to provide support regardless of geographical boundaries or time zones.

With the help of our trusted industry partners, our onshore Operations Team can quickly secure vessel and crew requirements such as visa applications, immigration and customs clearances, and even organise airport meet and greets, transportation, and accommodation for newly hired security personnel.