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Offshore Fleet


MV Siam

The newest member of our fleet. MV SIAM, is an accommodation barge with a size of 3,135 GRT strategically positioned at one of Sinbad Navigation’s RVP.

MV SIAM is esteemed with world-class facilities which is able to accommodate approx. 315 passengers along with a minimum operational crew of 10, made up of 6 officers and 4 ratings.

We have a separate resupply vessels that delivers provisions regularly and sufficiently for the passengers on-board. Sinbad Navigation’s shuttle team coordinates and prepares all travel documentations and formalities required by our clients in between transfers.

Sinbad Navigation Siam Image

MV Antarctic Dream

MV Antarctic Dream is our reliable vessel that ensures consistent and efficient transfers, enabling precise deployment planning without constraints. With advanced S200 class boats and rigid-hulled inflatable boats, we prioritise safety and efficiency in secure ship-to-ship transfers.
Boasting a gross tonnage of 2,180 tons and refurbished in 2005, our vessel accommodates up to 170 passengers with a minimum crew of nine for safe operations.


MV Genesis

MV Genesis excels in seamless transfers, easing scheduling challenges for private marine security firms. This vessel ensures efficient and continuous transfers, enabling precise deployment planning. Utilising advanced S200 class boats and RHIBs, we prioritise safety and efficiency in secure ship- to-ship transfers.



Sofia is our strategically deployed supply vessel with a 1341 GRT. Playing a vital role in furnishing provisions and assistance to the fleet, it regularly conducts thorough rounds to ensure our vessels are fully operational and well-equipped with essential supplies.