We are a premier maritime solutions company, specializing in logistical support to international security companies involved in the global fight against modern-day piracy.

At Sinbad Navigation, we believe in providing the highest level of service to our clients. Catering to high-risk industries, we have built a reputation for maritime excellence based on the optimum performance of our fleet, crew, and facilities.

Through the years, Sinbad Navigation has experienced unprecedented growth as a key player in the maritime industry. Incorporated on August 31, 2011, our company was born in the historical country of Malta.

Initially, the company operated with only three ships. Thanks to the hard work of our founders, coupled by sound fiscal management and professional admin support, our company has now grown into a fleet of nine ships—seven of which are owned and two are chartered.

Today, Sinbad Navigation is one of the most reliable and longest-running platform operators in the region. Trusted because of our high operational standards, we continue to strive for global maritime excellence.


The strength of our company lies in our internationally experienced and multi-disciplinary team. We believe that for our business to grow, it must consist of different talents and individual skills.

With over 50 years of combined experience, you can expect world-class service from our team, spanning across the different aspects of maritime support: ship management and operations, technical consulting, security, contract negotiation, accounting, compliance, as well as the manning of vessels.

Working together, we strive to consistently provide the highest level of service in whatever we do. We are passionate about the safety of your crew and the protection of your maritime assets. For us, your satisfaction as our client is the ultimate goal.


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