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Recent Events

The Red Sea region has experienced escalated tensions since the commencement of the Israel-Palestine conflict, reaching new heights on October 7th. Notably, on October 19th, the Yemeni-based Houthis initiated their first missile and UAV attack on Israeli territory, resulting in subsequent retaliatory actions against the country. Of significant concern is the Houthis’ public declaration on November 14th, announcing their intent to obstruct all shipping lines associated with Israel from traversing the Red Sea, thereby elevating the threat level in the region.
In response to these developments, Sinbad Navigation considers the provision of accurate and timely information vital. It is our highest priority to ensure that our clients and crew are well-informed through daily updates on the unfolding events in the area. Additionally, we are committed to advising on the most effective measures to be taken to safeguard the safety and security of  both our clients and crew in light of the prevailing circumstances.
— The Management and Risk Assessment team at Sinbad Navigation